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Update 2017.10.5.

Local food

Inamura Shokudo x Saburo-maru x Arata-maru

Inamura Shokudo’s signature Shirasu bowls are made using fresh Kamakura-born Shirasu caught daily by the captain of the vessel Saburo-maru and Jujaku eggs from Isehara, Kanagawa. We combine these two main ingredients with sesame oil and fresh garlic to create our original version of the local cuisine. Just two steps:
1. Choose whether you would like raw (“Nama”) or boiled (“Kamaage”) Shirasu in your bowl
2. Douse the egg yolk with soy sauce if you wish and enjoy!

If you have any questions, just ask our staff and we’ll try to explain.

Shirasu Egg Yukke bowl set meal
Inamura Shokudo Shirasu Bowl Set Meal
¥1,480 +TAX

---Saburo-maru’s Kamakura Shirasu---

Shirasu is the name for the young spawn of the Japanese species of sardine called Iwashi.They are a rich and nutritiously balanced ingredient - an excellent source of low-fat high-quality proteins as well as minerals like calcium and iron.
They provide Vitamin D and Taurine to improve calcium and absorption and Vitamin B1 which helps the body to produce energy and metabolize fats.<
>Our Shirasu are caught by the chairman of Kamakura Fisherman’s Union who captains the Saburo-maru (“Maru” is a suffix used to indicate a ship – similar to “SS” in English.)He is a master and his harvesting skills are unparalleled.Raw Shirasu are delivered each morning and we only serve them the day they were caught.This is as fresh as you can find and we hope you will enjoy our local delicacy!

Available on Weekends and Holidays
(Reservation required for all other days)

Shirasu bowl.Egg of Jujakuran & Octopus sashimi set meal
Inamura Shokudo Shirasu Bowl with Octopus Sashimi Set Meal
¥1,940 +TAX
Kamakura Octopus Over Rice with Sashimi Set Meal
¥1,750 +TAX

---Arata-maru’s Kamakura Octopus---

Our Octopus is caught locally by the female-operated fishing vessel Arata-maru.
The surrounding waters of Kamakura are chock-full of an Octopus’s favorite meals – Turban Shells, Abalone, and other Molluscs – and all that good food makes these Octopi taste great themselves and a best-seller to locals and visitors alike.

Inamura Shokudo x ANAN

The nearby spice importer ANAN has been introducing Japanese people to rare and exotic spices from India and beyond for over 40 years.Our house curry sauce is a blend of ANAN’s spices, local vegetables, beans and a dose of olive oil.
It is a vegan meal with so many health benefits that we would even call it “medicinal”!

All plates are served with salad and soup

Spice curry plate
¥1,270 + TAX
Shirasu spice curry plate
Shirasu spice curry plate
¥1,570 + TAX
Spice curry Loco Moco plate
Spice Curry Loco Moco Plate

“Loco Moco” means Hamburger and Fried Juraku Egg

¥1,650 + TAX

---Jujaku Egg---

The eggs that we use here come from Kanagawa’s leading brand Jujaku which are produced at Mitsuhashi farm located about 30 km away at the foot of the mountains.The Jujaku chickens raised there are a sub-species of the Boris Brown (or Hyline) variety, well known as the world’s most balanced brown egg layer.They are fed a mixture of fish meal and shell with high mineral content combined with fresh mountain water from the nearby watersheds.The result is a beautiful dark orange-yellow yolk with mellow taste and taut enough to pick up with a pair of chopsticks.

Inamura Shokudo x Nobuya


Kamakura’s own rather famous olive oil specialist shop Nobuya provides us with their best products.
We use the raw oil to flavor our original Shirasu pizza and our house salad.
We have a limited selection of oils available for sale as well.

Price For All of the Above
Full Portion – ¥1,110 + TAX
Half Portion - ¥650 + TAX

Shirasu crispy Pizza
Shirashu Crispy Pizza - #1 Best-seller
Octopus crispy Pizza
Spice Curry Pizza
Topped with Cheese Or Pineapple
Home style salad
House Salad
with Shirasu, Akamoku (Local Seaweed), Tofu, and More

a la carte

For all Shirasu Orders, Please select Raw (“Nama”) or Boiled (“Kamaage”)

Kamakura shirasu
¥570 + TAX
Kamakura shirasu
Kamakura Shirasu and Raw Jujaku Egg
¥770 + TAX
Akamoku (Local Seaweed)
¥570 + TAX
Kamakura Octopus
Kamakura Octopus
Sashimi ¥900 + TAX
Carpaccio ¥1,000 + TAX
Kamakura Octopus Over Rice
¥800 + TAX
Original spicy grilled chicken
Original spicy grilled chicken
¥930 + TAX
Today's Dessert

It changes every day.Please ask the staff

¥??? + TAX
Homemade smoked food assortment
Fish & Chips
¥900- + TAX
Shirasu garlic potato
Deep-fried Octopus
¥700- + TAX
Smoked Jujakuran Egg
Smoked Mackerel
¥450- + TAX
Japanese pickles
Mixed nuts
Potato chips
¥380- + TAX

Inamura Shokudo x Iriomote Rice Producer’s Association

The rice we use at Inamura Shokudo is a blend called “Akayaamai” that comes from Iriomote island in Okinawa Prefecture.
The rice culture on tropical Iriomote has a history of over 500 years.
Akayaamai is an organic type of glutinous blackish-purple rice and five to six times as rich in vitamins and minerals as normal rice.
In China, this type of rice is said to increase longevity and Japanese people eat it to brighten their skin. It is grown without the use of chemicals in order to protect the soil and prevent harm to the resident and reclusive Iriomote Cat.
The Agano Farming Technique
Akayaamai is farmed according to local tradition of habitating ducks to live on the farms.The ducks feed on weeds, pests and continuously fertilize the soil.
It is a farming method that honors the role of other living things in the life cycle that provides for humans.
Incidentally, ducks are also the favorite meal of the Iriomote Cat


Cafe & Bar

Kirin draft beer
Sangria glass
¥560 + TAX
Whiskey/Shochu/Other Spirits
¥600~ + TAX
Whisky high ball

Japanese Sake from Chigasaki, Kanagawa

¥650 + TAX
Kamakura Beer – Hana (Brown Ale)
¥790 + TAX
Coronado Brewing (San Diego)

Islander IPA/Seasonal

¥880 + TAX
Japanese Sake
Kamakura plum wine
Kamakura brandy
¥690 +TAX
Table wine
Glass ¥510 + TAX
Carafe250ml ¥930 + TAX
Carafe500ml ¥1,850 + TAX
Spanish Cava wine
Glass ¥650 + TAX
Bottle ¥3,240 + TAX
Flavored Iced coffee
Black tea/Oolong tea
Orange Juice
Pineapple Juice
Tomato Juice
Ginger ale
¥460 + TAX
Non-Alcoholic high ball
Non-Alcoholic beer
¥550 + TAX